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1. Also spelled 'dirr,' 'dirrr,' and 'dirrrr;' depending upon how obnoxious the user is, this word is sort of a substitute for the commonly used, 'duh,' used by the same type of people. Translated to direct english it's something along the lines of, "Obviously," or "You're retarded," also depending on the obnoxisity level of the user.
2. A DOS command to pull up the contents of the currently selected drive or folder.
1. "Man, President Bush is an idiot."
2. C:\>dir
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is ????-????

Directory of C:\

(Contents of folder displayed here in list-matic form)
by Ethan Fairweather August 04, 2006
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1. Debt-to-Income Ratio (n.) Credit indicator computed by dividing one's total accumulated debt by one's annual net income.

2. A DOS command short for "directory"
1. "Dude, my DIR is laughable at best, immasculating at worst."

2. "I'll just type 'dir' at the 'c:\' command prompt to get a list of all the files contained in this drive (typing dir/p will pause the too-quickly scrolling list at each screen-length of text so that it can be read; typing 'dir/w' at the 'c:\' or 'd:\' etc.' command prompt will list the contained files in columns; typing 'dir/p/w' will get you columns as well as pause the list if there are too many file names to fit on the screen at one time)."
by iwrotegenesis July 12, 2010
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Alternate form of dear, usually used to express shock or consternation.
Oh dir! He really fucked it up this time!
by chicken March 07, 2005
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