65 definition by Charles

Actress with a thick lip and big boobs. A woman who think she is one real Lara croft.
you saw her new movie? damn.., that nipples are hot.
by Charles August 02, 2003

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internet slang for i dont know why.
no other definitions known
GiRlYgIrL4355: he wants to talk to you.
BLahman564: why?
GiRlYgIrL4355: idkw
by charles December 14, 2004

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A Gibson Flying V guitar. Fuckin A.
I own a Flying V... it's fuckin A.
by Charles July 19, 2003

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Ejaculating into a woman's nostrils, causing her to snarl in rage to clear her nasal cavity, making a sound en enraged dragon might.
"I didn't mean to give you a snarling dragon. Really." -
by charles April 07, 2004

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A comic drawn and written by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of such works at Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac and Invader Zim.
"Todd? I like Squee better." ~ Nny.

"Hi, Squee! I'm your new neighbour!" ~ Nny.
by Charles January 24, 2005

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large breasts or boobies
that girl has huge gajunglers
by charles November 05, 2004

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n) a night in which the males penis begins hard but by the end of the night is softened
damn, last night was one of those spaghetti nights.
by charles December 08, 2003

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