65 definition by Charles

adj: having strong resemblance to an undercooked duck with triple stigmata.
"I...I...can't belive it! Im in the belly of a giant mutant goose, and I've got a touch of spointy!"
by charles February 20, 2005

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the definition is gilly. She is THE kinky mare
Did you really? You kinky mare
by Charles March 08, 2005

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To make impure by contact with bodily sexual fluids

also used as cumtaminated, cumtaminating
Don't use "that" towel, it is cumtaminated
by Charles December 08, 2004

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New England, Ohio...

Jesus Christ
Criminatley! I just got pwned!
by Charles December 15, 2004

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The verbal pronounciation of LMFAO!!!

copyrite by SARS.Got.Milk? nah im just kidding.
by Charles December 01, 2004

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Tears apart human souls and devours them while eat wood with his arms.
RAWR i have eaten your soul
by charles March 08, 2004

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Act or pretending to be like Charles
You want to Hyojiggy with it?
by Charles June 13, 2003

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