A slang word commonly used by the Hispanic population to identify a friend or homie.
by mandashwell June 27, 2019
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wassgood foo how you been
by leafy makes words November 30, 2020
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An term used for unimportant variables in programming when the programmer is too lazy to think of an actual name. The origin of such word is described in detail in RFC 3092.
int foo;
foo = 2 + 2;
cout << foo;
by Dahhak July 21, 2004
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A (presence/force/being/no one really knows) that is the biggest threat to our civilisation and could collapse all economies around the world in an instant. Luckily the Foo fighters have been fighting the foo and protecting our delicate social constructs from this almighty enemy.
Bro 1 - ~ literally nothing ~
Bro 2 - Thank fuck for the foo fighters
Bro 1 - tell me about it, i wouldn’t be able to sleep if it wasn’t for those bloody legends
by Wallis21 February 21, 2020
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foo A sample name for absolutely anything,
especially programs and files (especially scratch files).
First on the standard list of metasyntactic variables used
in syntax examples.
The terms foobar, foo, bar, and baz are sometimes used as placeholder names (also referred to as metasyntactic variables) in computer programming or computer-related documentation. They have been used to name entities such as variables, functions, and commands whose purpose is unimportant and serve only to demonstrate a concept. The words themselves have no meaning in this usage. Foobar is sometimes used alone; foo, bar, and baz are sometimes used in that order, when multiple entities are needed.
by fooman99 November 15, 2010
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One of the default variables in programmer's slang. See bar.
And I incremented foo, but then forgot to check the array boundary and all hell broke loose
by Anonymous October 15, 2002
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Kung fu means skill from effort.
Kung foo means skill from bad-ass programming powers.

$foo is used extensivly in php as a generic variable.
"This is my kung foo, and it is strong."

$foo += 10;
by Skara March 22, 2005
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