65 definition by Charles

A fucking idiot.
yerayfs is a fucking idiot.
by Charles July 19, 2003

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a girl that likes to be with multiple guys at once
a girl that is with multiple guys and she is still semi-with her ex boyfriend
by charles March 08, 2005

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The HCM is an 'associate' member of Alcoholics Anonymous who seems for whatever reason, unable to stay sober for more than a few days/weeks/months.The HCM will mostly blame their failure on the weather/football results/lack of sex/willpower/backbone.
They are generally to be found around Reading AA meetings looking pasty/yellow/sorry for themselves.
"Knees bend arms stretch ra ra ra"
by Charles October 14, 2004

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To be full of crusty old men. To sleep with lots of old guys to get a job.
Sandy, you're like a basket of bread.
by Charles March 18, 2004

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Slang for slitting wrists.
"My life is horrible..."
"Oh, go play the gothic viola!"
by Charles March 23, 2005

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The doppler effect sound a minivan driver hears when a high powered sportbike passes with 70mph on top of the minivan speed.
Mildred was poking along the two-lane with the team arguing over gummi bears when she was startled by the sudden HOOooooooonnnnnnnnn..... of a large, fast motorcycle which disappeared almost as suddenly as it had arrived.
by Charles January 28, 2004

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Another variant on LOL, like rofflecopter, lollerskates
by Charles December 01, 2004

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