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The pouch of fat directly under a man or woman's belly button. (Deriving from the Dr. Seuss's star bellied sneeches)
I really need to start running again and lose my sneech.
by will_minnesota July 09, 2006
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a want-to-be scene kid
Girl- "ewww,look i hate sneech's they are so fake"
Girl 2- "and try way to hard to be a scene kid"
by bosqueezy June 10, 2008
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A childish word that means to ejaculate out of your nose, so basically spraying cum from your nose. Often used as an offence. It originated in a class room january 2006 when some kids saw a program on a girl who ejaculated out of her nose, the best word they could think of was sneech, since then it has spread widely over the uk. It has now been classed as an official word, but adults would consider it inappropriate, careful how you use it
James: Dude you took my drink
Tosh: What you going to do about it sneech?
James: Fine i'll tell the teacher you said sneech, she'll give you a detention
Tosh: Be careful not to sneech on the way hahahahaha
by hand-of-blood September 28, 2006
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