The dick is aroused by a guy not a girl so the dick is gay and its attached to a guy that's obviously gay so both the guy and the dick are gay.
by Waffle Stomp April 18, 2018
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When you are straight but your dick is gay.
I tried to bang Shaquandra but couldn't get it up because of my Gay Dick Syndrome so I had to fuck Tyreke instead.
by Piss_Bread February 20, 2016
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When two or more guys, make sex.
With dicks.
Wow, I was watching porn the other day, and there was lots of gay dick sex.
by x_xherx_x June 22, 2006
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Someone who is being a complete and utter tosser

*Not homophobic in any way please dont be offended
by some tall boi July 3, 2019
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an insult aimed towards a male, stating in a humorous manner that he is a homosexual. May also be used to describe any object or topic which one feels is "gay".
Tom: "I heard the new Rod Stewart album."

Roy: "Oh yeah? How is it?"

Tom: "It sucks. That guy is gay with a dick."
by Maverick37 May 14, 2007
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Something that is extremely gay, nothing else in the know universe can possibly be gayer.
"Oh man I can't believe that guy just grabbed my balls, that was so gay!"

"No dude that wasn't just gay, that was shit on your dick gay."
by Mr. Naperville December 15, 2009
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