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ajewdicate; a-jew-di-cate: Is when you've been through the court system and have been screwed. Stiffed. Shafted. Royally fucked!

NOT to be confused with: adjudicated; ad·ju·di·cated. That's when you've went into hock for a good lawyer (and that in itself is a misnomer) and gotten out with almost all that you went into court with. In other words - 'ya broke even (nearly) and you aren't underwater anymore.
Overheard at lunch: ''Yeah, my brother Flem had to go to court yesterday.. man, that dude sure got taken for a ride by his ex!! He truly was AJEWDICATED, not adjudicated. Shit, he owes me $ 3 grand alone! Plus - he lost his ride - had to sell it for a loss. And - he lost his lease too, now he's livin' in my basement until he can save up for his own apartment, poor fuck."

- The chick he was with couldn't stop laughin'.. and she told the guy
" Ah - well, I went to court about 6 months ago, and I was adjudicated too. But I got $15,000 bucks from MY ex, lol". That's how I got my new car.
by Century25 April 2, 2014
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Sweepings: The scraps, leavings, hand-me-downs, things tossed aside as the quality stuff is grabbed up at sales. Junk.
Allie and her friend Brenda waited all night to get into the store with the Grand Opening mega-sale. As they were scrunched through the door the mob rushed right through them and by the time they could get the clothes they dreamed of - all that was left were torn & dirty things that were either way too small or large enough to use as a tent. Scraps and pieces of clothing littered the floors, trampled and raggedly filthy junk.

Well Bren, looks like were stuck with the sweepings.
by Century25 September 30, 2013
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When a large group are assigned to a big rush job, one or more quietly disappear.. only to suddenly appear for a short while, as though performing tasks involved in the project. NOT! They are slipping off to text or other private tasks of their own. They are.. 'ghosting the job'.
Boss: 'Hey you guys - have you seen Russ or Dave?' Um.. yeah, they were just here a second ago.. but I can't see them now. Oh, here they come. Boss: 'You two are screwing the pooch! Quit ghosting the job and get busy!!'
by Century25 October 1, 2013
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An euphemism for the much cruder: fucker, sometimes: mother fucker
Leaving the Quick Stop market with his 12-pack, Elmer bid farewell to the doof at the register: 'See ya' later, copulator!'
by Century25 December 2, 2012
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For definitions about Winnipeg, see:

'Winnipeg summer' - also: tundra town and little Antarctica or zambonieville - you know, the peg!
winnipeg aka: winterpeg If it's summer yee seek, stay away from this wretched place of icy winds and dark days! Phoenix is the place where the sun spends the winter. Winnipeg is a place to FROM! As in: Yeah, I'm from Winnipeg. But now I live in (fill in your fav warm & sunny locales)... not tundra town, little Antarctica, zambonieville - not the peg
by Century25 October 11, 2013
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A two-day or three-day weekend.
Pamela mentions to her friend - 'Hey! When's it gonna warm up?' Angie says: Ha-ha, a 'Winnipeg summer' - that's a weekend! Guess you missed it when you went to Toronto last week. Remember, this is Winterpeg we live in. Phoenix - it's not.
by Century25 September 26, 2013
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