Slang for the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). A combination of the city name "Winnipeg" and the season of "winter" this is a very appropriate word because the city of Winnipeg is very fucking cold for approx. 6 months of the year. many Winnipeg refugees who have fled the city use the slang name instead of the original to remind themselves of how shitty they weather can be.
joe- hey man where are you from?
milenkovitch- Winterpeg, thats in Canada
joe- don't you mean Winnipeg??
milenkovitch-please don't say that city name again, i'm starting to get the shivers from thinking about the cold fucking weather and the massive utility bills
joe. ok ,whatever, pass me another coconut from that tree over there
by milenkovitch May 4, 2009
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Derogatory term for the city of Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
Where are you headed in February?


JEEESUS! What did you do to get punished like that?
by Eddy August 9, 2007
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