A man with integrity and honour, deserving respect.
Community Minded and love of family and friends.
Loves to Laugh and Joke. Strongminded and loyal. Brave and Humble
That guy volunteers for everything, he is a real elmer.
That guy is always laughing and playing jokes. He pulled a real elmer.
by Wish I was an Elmer February 3, 2010
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He is the simply the best and most beautiful human u will ever meet only name your could Elmer if he is gonna become a famous bandy player. Because there is a famous bandy player from Finland that scores over 50 goals a season and his name ais Elmer. Elmer also means sexy and hot in Finnish. This is definitely true dont check it , please
Oo was that Elmer???? Or ooooooo he scored an Elmer goal!
by Definitely Not An Elmer December 2, 2018
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In Peruvian argot it means "extrematly idiot"
Peruvian guy 1: Hey! look man i can ride ma' bike without hands.


Peruvian guy 2: Jajaja! What an elmer!!
by MariaPacherrez March 29, 2010
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Elmer is so smelly

I heard that he doesn't take any showers

Ew he is such a scumfag
by lancaster pimp jr May 3, 2008
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To creep or sneak like Elmer Fud
She Elmered out of there real quietly before he could notice!!
by Stormy4277 March 8, 2010
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fat porn addict. gay loves fernando. uses his hand 24/7. bangs the wall and dogs sometimes the turtle. puts pj and butter on his 1 cm dicks so dogs come and lick it . looks like santa clause right now loves anal by fernando. and loves doggy style by a dog even better!!! then kills himself. the end
ahhh ahhh ahhh fernando stop it hurts { mom come in the room} elmer stays quite mom leaves elmer continues with fernando and the dog. RIP ANAl rudulph
by lovely boy' December 25, 2016
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a fatass mexican being gay. always loves in to marco
by Nigro2000 November 10, 2017
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