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A common idiot misspelling of "Phlegm", which is "a thick, sticky, stringy mucus produced by the respiratory tract, usually as the result of irritation, inflammation, or infection of the airways."
Dude, bro, I'm coughing up so much flem today.

It's 'phlegm', you imbecile.
by LadyByrd September 21, 2010
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by AxonL July 20, 2021
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When your cough is chunky
Person 1: “Wow I have quite the flem build up!“

Person 2: “Go get rid of it in the water fountain.”
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by Red_cinchilla May 20, 2020
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A Flems is a noun. You can be a Flems.
You can use Flems after the name "Ems" - Ems Flems.
A Flems is a smol person, very smol person.
She likes Anime a lot, meaning she's a bigass weeb.
She lives mostly of cola zero and gifflar.

She is adorable af and very kind, she likes to dress in pretty dresses, but mostly black. Fifty shades of black. hehe.
woah, Ems Flems is such a weeb - but she's hella cute tho
by iamlaksbackuknow December 12, 2019
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when you smoke and your spit goes all thick and horrible so you spit it out or when snot goes into your spit.
i've just had a fat joint so my mouth is full of flem

i've got a cold and i keep sniffing and my mouth is all flemy
by Alex... March 20, 2007
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