A common idiot misspelling of "Phlegm", which is "a thick, sticky, stringy mucus produced by the respiratory tract, usually as the result of irritation, inflammation, or infection of the airways."
Dude, bro, I'm coughing up so much flem today.

It's 'phlegm', you imbecile.
by LadyByrd September 21, 2010
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When your cough is chunky
Person 1: “Wow I have quite the flem build up!“

Person 2: “Go get rid of it in the water fountain.”
by Red_cinchilla May 20, 2020
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An insult, meaning the same as tight,deep,out of order. Could also be used instead of fuck.

There is no literal translation, but it basically means anything rude.
Would be mainly considered British Slang.
"Flem you Jenny"
"Don't be so Flem"
"You mother-flemmer"
"This is well flem!"
by buttfudger April 3, 2012
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The liquid some men seek from a woman's cunt. Just as a person may only eat a cream egg for the cream in the centre, some men chose to eat out a girl purely for the 'Flem'. Flem is the natural lubrication produced inside a cunt before and during sex.
Husband: "I am so fucking hungry get me something to eat".

Wife: *Opens her legs revealing some flem*
Husband: *Enjoys the Buffet*
by SamIsSoFair September 15, 2010
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Verb. The practice of leaving or depositing your feacal matter in an inappropriate place. eg: Microwave
The dog totally flemminged on the lounge floor." "Dude you got too drunk and got your flemming on in the microwave" "Flemming is disgusting, why would anyone do that?
by Revengewasneversweeter June 5, 2011
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when ur taking the girl up the stinker, and u cum in her ass & she farts! voila! u have but flem
by D. Hine September 16, 2003
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