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Sweepings: The scraps, leavings, hand-me-downs, things tossed aside as the quality stuff is grabbed up at sales. Junk.
Allie and her friend Brenda waited all night to get into the store with the Grand Opening mega-sale. As they were scrunched through the door the mob rushed right through them and by the time they could get the clothes they dreamed of - all that was left were torn & dirty things that were either way too small or large enough to use as a tent. Scraps and pieces of clothing littered the floors, trampled and raggedly filthy junk.

Well Bren, looks like were stuck with the sweepings.
by Century25 September 30, 2013
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The act of sweeping multiple girls off their feet. Often times, the sweeper will be labeled as one who is very desired by the opposite sex, and sometimes even the same sex. It is common for a male sweeper to be have a hot bod, be good at guitar, be in a band, or be cute.
"Wow! That Kirbi Marquez sure is good at sweeping!"

"Kirbi is such a sweeper."
by MiniDJBeirne January 02, 2009
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n. ice chips and snow that accumulate on an ice-curling rink and have to be shoveled off between innings. Traditionally they are removed by the team lying two.

Hey now, eh! Hurry hard and get them sweepings off the hack ice! That tankard ain't going to draw itself to the button!
by gnostic1 February 04, 2012
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rowing w/ one oar, instead of two (sculling)
Person 1: Yo i goin for a row.
Person 2: Okay mate. Alone?
Person 1: Naw, wanna come?
Person 2: U sweeping or sculling?
Person 1: sweeping
Person 2: naw i only like sculling. sorry mate
by lickingcorn December 12, 2017
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the art of flirting with and befriending a group of women who have reserved a table in a club with the purpose of then drinking some or all of their alcohol whilst they are fully aware you are doing it and without them taking offence to it.

The term is derived from the act commonly performed by females on desperate and horny men who have rented tables in Las Vegas nightclubs whereby the women would steal the men's drinks.

The act of sweeping is considered highly challenging and commendable amongst men due to the level of difficulty involved.
"Dave I'm a bit short on cash mate "
"That's ok bro we'll just do some SWEEPING when we get in the club"
by Heybae438856 April 15, 2016
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The official term used to label anything that is swept into a pile of trash with the use of a broom.

The size of individual pieces inside the pile as a whole does not matter unless that piece is removed from the pile. In this case that piece of sweeping is no longer regarded as a sweeping but simply as trash or whatever wierd use a person could have for something that has been in a pile of sweepings.
I had the biggest pile of sweepings I'd seen in a long time swept together when I was cleaning my kitchen last night. Then my dog came in and picked out a large piece which then appeared to be half of a trashy Home Gardening Magazine. What he did with it I'll never know.
by Ken Bratz April 15, 2011
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