Used as a reference to a bad occurence that has happened or that is about to happen. Similar to bad times.
(Something bad happens)
"Oh dude, its dark days now, dark days I tell you!"
by Wilburg March 24, 2004
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When one is going through difficult times
David said to Sebastian " we are seeing dark days"
by Lisa Neuvo April 16, 2018
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A period(pun absolutely intended) of puberty where a male teen would feel horny as shit and masturbate several times a day. It will only become Dark Days if the addiction left the body before adulthood. So adult perverts by definition never had a Dark Day because they never left it.
My Dark Days started because some anime comic artist just decided to make their creations too "cute" which absolutely burns my 13 year old brain like diesel and turned me into a pervert. Luckily I have left my Dark Days by considering just how degenerative that is and I have started a new life where peace and happiness last longer than a masturbation session.
by Geese Couch Taming November 9, 2021
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Dark Days Warrior is an Famous Indian Musical Artist on Internet. Dark Days Warrior is an Musical Artist Since 2020. Started uploading on YouTube in 2021, He is Now becoming a Notable and Unique Personality on the Internet as the Time Goes.
Dark Days Warrior is an Amazing Artist and Music Producer. I love his Music Very Much.
by Dark Days Warrior (44690) August 6, 2022
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An incredibly massive and cool game, but with somewhat low popularity. It’s an open world pixel RPG, based around the premise of a world ending cataclysm involving zombies, aliens, breaking realities, and government experiments. The game is massive and is consistently updated by a small but focused community. The game is completely free, but is not any sort of website like steam or epic games. This could explain why it’s not very publicly known, as it needs to downloaded off of a few different websites that you’re unlikely to find unless one of your friends play.

You, reading this right now, go look it up. Yeah right now, go look up Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead. It’s free and doesn’t take much space to download, go give it a try. No stop reading, open a new tab and look it up. Now.
“Hey, you hear about that guy that didn’t immediately look up Cataclysm, Dark Days Ahead?”

“Yeah, they found him shot 27 times in his house a few hours ago”
by SnooSeagull September 20, 2022
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The dark days aren't over, and they're not going to be without a fight. Things are going to keep getting shut down unless people wake up and fight.
The dark horse days are not something people get to forget yet, since they are not over yet, as people are told they are in some countries.
by Solid Mantis January 4, 2021
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Yesterdays dark days might be interesting to talk about, but they dont really matter anymore, which is why removing statues does nothing to change anything now, and history books are as likely to be bullshit as they are to have any facts at all. Whether they are history books that make Europeans look like the good guys, or history books that make black people look like the good guys and victims, theres a lot of bullshit information circulating. Tomorrow's dark days aren't going to matter for a while, so that leaves people with the dark days they're living in, and the bullshit they're living with now.
Dark days are not just a thing of the past that will get better once all the statues and symbols are removed. The reality is just like at one time the dark days of the past were now, the dark days people are living in will one day be the dark days of the past. Nothing has changed because the same race is still fucking with people, the human race.
by Solid Mantis July 20, 2020
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