A Russ typically refers to a fucking dead scumbag boomer who watches dubbed anime (mostly Vampire Knight & SAO) and jerks off to lolis. Born in 1874 and tragically died in 2019 when his "vehicle" crashed into a pole killing him instantly. He was cleaning his cupholders at the time of his death. Luckily, with the advancement of technology Russ was resurrected by replacing the damaged goods with spare parts from his "vehicle" (cupholders included) thus creating Mecha Russ. Nowadays, he spends most of his time on Discord preying on young females (over the age of 18 allegedly) and talking about the good ol' days.
That Russ guy is a fucking scumbag.

What did you do with the body of that 14 year old, Russ?

I just took a massive Russ so wait about an hour before entering.

Russ WHY!?!?
by Count Cuckula April 26, 2019
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A broken soul. Victim in multiple ways. Survivor mentality. Clever, but not smart. Strong but weak minded. Funny but more
Funny lookin. Manipulating, takes advantage. Scary. User. Liar. Believes his own lies . Lives his own lies. Creep. Stalker type. Sexual predator type. Sick minded. Fucked up. Closet homo. Prefers orgys. Limp dick. Breath that can kill covid19. Failure . Nympho psychopathic Street kinda smart no good wanna be thug. Exaggerating mind. Thinks highly of own self. The kind of person you hope doesn’t breed. Lucky person, but too blind to see it.type of person you hand a loaded gun to. Lacks any form of empathy. Likable person but likely to ruin your life. The devils child.
If you want to kill your garden, invite Russ over. Russ ruins everything.
by PTSd2max May 15, 2020
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"Russ" is a tradition and cultural phenomenon in Norway. Students who graduate from upper secondary school / High School /College, are called "Russ", and celebrate with the characteristic festivities (russefeiring) during the first few weeks of May. With the main celebration on the 17th of May, the Norwegian constitution day.

The "Russ" wear uniforms with their respective colours (Depending on their education, and school. Red, blue, black and green, are the most common colors).
Attached to the special cap is a tassel at the end of a long string, in which they tie knots, often around various items that are rewards for completing assignments listed on the "Russ knot" list. This cap is seldom used before the "russ baptism", which is usually held during the night to May 1.
"The Russ knots are totally crazy this year",
Translation: "Russeknutene er helt syke i år!"

If you are a Russ, you are bound to get this question from more then once. (mostly from kids who collect the cards):
"Can I have a Russ card please!?"
Translation: "Kan jeg få russekort!?"
A sentence you will love to hate as a Russ.
by Little Viking May 15, 2008
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A kind of guy that will always have your back. He is loyal, faithful, and is a great lover! Although at times he can be stubborn, his intentions are always good and most of the time very helpful. He isn't a guy to piss off. He don't do much talking in altercations, he is more "hands on" when handling confrontations. He has a huge heart that often gets mistreated by those who do not deserve his time. Did I mention he is a great lover?
Everytime Russ comes over, my sheets get soaked!
by Sumadartson December 20, 2016
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A creepy stalker who gets horny after one shot. He thinks he can beat up anyone, when in fact he gets dick slapped by every tom, dick, and harry that walks by.
Girl 1: Hey , that guys been following us since that party.
Girl 2: Oh shit girl! you got russ'ed by Russel the love muscle.
by Jerry mctits October 20, 2016
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2 definitions

1- Russ (SMG)(UK)
One of the best drill artists in the UK responsible for creating the Gunlean and fire songs attacking all his opps although he is a neek and won’t do anything

2- Russ (USA)
A living L has trash songs no one likes him in conclusion if you like him your either a Jbag or A homosexual
1- I can’t believe russ said “fuck them yutes their irrelevant, infected they need medicine

2- yo did you listen that new song from russ, it’s trash
by Pk1active January 06, 2019
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