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A disrespectful term that Nortenos say to da Surs (surenos)...
"look at those scraps rite there, I'm finna pull licc on dat scrap"

"I can kill a scrap if you want me to (SCRAP KILLA)"
by shuky July 31, 2006
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Rochester, NY slang that is equivalent to Homie, Associate, Partner, etc.
EX: My scrap John Doe won't be here for a minute, let's chill.
by TheGuyWhoBroughtYouGoodWeed November 03, 2012
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Hey Mike, you want to get fucked up tonight?

Yeah, I can scrap with that.
by JFaz311 September 04, 2010
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A word that nortenos use to identify surenos, its usually meant in a bad way.
Look at that fuckin scrap, lets go mob on that fool.
by Lumpy Loks May 23, 2005
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a scrap is a "sureno or a fake as muther fukin bitch that think he/she is a gangster. most scrapz net bang and run wen loco boys come after them. also known as a "sewer rat"
Look! Theres those scraps carlos n jesus briones!
by NORTE_22_CH0LA December 12, 2006
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