A disrespectful term that Nortenos say to da Surs (surenos)...
"look at those scraps rite there, I'm finna pull licc on dat scrap"

"I can kill a scrap if you want me to (SCRAP KILLA)"
by shuky August 1, 2006
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1.- scrap= what northern mexican gang members call their rivals "los surenos". it's a word used by "los nortenos" of red, to direspect southern mexican gang members of blue.

2.- scraps= Being able to fight
Norteno#1- Look at em scrapz over there!
Norteno#2- yea i see them pull out yo strap
Wayne- man, i fought that lil dude over there.
Zach- yea how is he?
Wayne- the kid's got scraps
by fuckustreetzleavemealone June 7, 2009
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Little pieces (left overs) of batter left in the deep fryer after making Fish n' Chips in Whitby.
Also known as bits.

A term used by Yorkshire people.
"Jeremy: Now, Whitby is, of course, famous all around the world for its unbelievable Fish and Chips.
James: With Scraps.
Jeremy: You what?
James: Fish and Chips with Scraps. You get scraps. Little bits of batter that stay in the bottom of the fryer.

Richard: Yeah, scraps.
Jeremy: No, they're bits! Fish and chips with bits!
Richard: No, its scraps."
by stoppidfgt123 December 5, 2016
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the ability to hold one's own in a fight
that kid's got scraps man, he just whooped the hell outta that guy!
by urn March 29, 2006
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The little bits of fat left in the bottom of the fried fish display counter. Chip shop bosses will often sell you the 'scraps' on a roll or a bap for a very cheap price. Common in north east England, particularly Darlington.
ee you want scraps with yer bap love?

No ta I'm on a diet.
by Silverback April 24, 2008
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The og (orignal gangster) of cats. He will feed any food left out to the dog so you don't think he ate any. He will mew while you are on the phone for hours. He hates being dressed up.

He dances to music and often is tweaking when he walks into a room. He sleeps most of the day and needs to get a job. Scraps likes to roll in dirt and is always trying to escape the house. He only loves one person. Scraps is bad ass and is the og.
dude your cat is a scraps.
by kasfee May 19, 2011
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