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'Winnipeg summer' - also: tundra town and little Antarctica or zambonieville - you know, the peg!
winnipeg aka: winterpeg If it's summer yee seek, stay away from this wretched place of icy winds and dark days! Phoenix is the place where the sun spends the winter. Winnipeg is a place to FROM! As in: Yeah, I'm from Winnipeg. But now I live in (fill in your fav warm & sunny locales)... not tundra town, little Antarctica, zambonieville - not the peg
by Century25 October 11, 2013
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the only place to have the following seasons.
almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.
also called winterpeg.
pep1:god damn winnipeg is cold.
pep2:thats cause your in winterpeg.
by Xrith November 30, 2004
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a place where you will get pulled over and handed a speeding ticket for driving 51 in a 50km/h zone.

(with some of the worst drivers in the world - Winnipeg drivers don't know how to cope driving anywhere else or even on a highway. and inexplicably are always flipping each other the bird)
the "highway" around Winnipeg has traffic lights to stop people from going too fast. ?????!!!!!!
by kaosinthegarden June 10, 2011
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20 Winnipeg facts/tips:

1)capital city of manitoba, with about 700,000 people.
2)one day the north end will be a pile of dirt.
3)our football team seems to be getting worse.
4)awesome bands.
5)great party city.
6)easy drugs.
7)lots and lots of murder, (murder capital).
8)tons of car theft.
9)plenty of natives that are ready to jack you.
10)home of the winnipeg moose, are they good?, i dont even know.
11)also home of the winnipeg Blue Bombers.... no comment.
12)lots of sluts.
13)the city of rivers.
14)the only city with the extra season called; road consruction.
15)also called winterpeg.
16)a city where you should always carry some kind of weapon.
17)mosquitos are ridiculous.
18)lots of hippies.
19)its in the middle of nowhere.
20)entrance to western canada.

Winnpeg is either a city you love or hate.
Let's go party our fucking asses off in Winnipeg!
by Winnipeg Rocks! July 17, 2005
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Capital city of Manitoba,Canada, about 700,000 people. Awesome hockey town, former home of NHL's Jets-but were stolen away by corporate America(Phoenix Coyotes). Wicked party town, easy poontang, quite a few sluts. Cold,shitty winters. Sometimes called the peg.
We're going to the peg this weekend to get wasted and find some easy college poon.
by brandonmb April 23, 2005
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