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'Winnipeg summer' - also: tundra town and little Antarctica or zambonieville - you know, the peg!
winnipeg aka: winterpeg If it's summer yee seek, stay away from this wretched place of icy winds and dark days! Phoenix is the place where the sun spends the winter. Winnipeg is a place to FROM! As in: Yeah, I'm from Winnipeg. But now I live in (fill in your fav warm & sunny locales)... not tundra town, little Antarctica, zambonieville - not the peg
by Century25 October 11, 2013
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Also reffered to as "peg city", Winnipeg is the capital and largest city in Manitoba.

Winnipeg has a football, baseball and hockey team.

The winters are cold, (-30)and summers are hot (+30).

The city is notorious for crime, most of it occuring in neighbourhoods such as North End, West End, Downtown and East Kildonan.

Marijuana is very affordable and easy to find here.
Some interesting places in Winnipeg to check out:

-The Forks
-Mts Centre
-Ass Park
-The Legislative Building
-Osborne Village / Corydon Avenue
-Polo Park / St. Vital malls
-Royal Canadian Mint
-Kimberly Hill
-Wildwood Park
-Wellington Crescent
by blahzay September 5, 2007
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Capital city of Manitoba, Canada.

Seasons: Winter, harsh; Spring, floods; Summer, dry and tolerable; Fall, nothing fun happens.

Temperatures range from -50 to +30 degrees celcius

Ups: Folk Fest(Hippy gathering), lot's of weed, great bands, Slurpees(Slurpee capital), it's better than Regina.
Downs: Natives, mosquitos, murder capital of Canada, bad weather, bad roads, lot's of car theft.

Nicknames: the 'Peg, Winterpeg, Win-a-pig

Name origin: Winnipeg is Cree for Muddy Water, because it was founded on a spot where two rivers met, now called the Forks. The Forks is where the Assinboine River and the Red River meet.
Come to Winnipeg, smoke some weed, buy a Slurpee, get your car jacked by natives, throw a bike in the Red River and run to safety from the West Nile infected mosquitoes, then ask yourself, how can Regina be any worse?
by benormous April 22, 2006
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Pretty big city in Manitoba, Canada. It gets unbelievably hot in the summer (yes, hot in Canada!) and deathly cold in the winter. Lots of rivers, and the cops find bodies in them alot. I can see why they named one the Red River... LOL. People can just tell when you're not from there, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. A very diverse city. It doesn't get the credit it deserves.
"Winnipeg; Where the strong survive and the rest leave town." - Chris Walter
by *Bee* June 29, 2006
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Ah, the Peg,Winnipeg. Winterpeg. -51C with windchill in the winter, +49C with the humidex in the summer. Bands aplenty, mosquitoes aplenty and more gangbangers than you can shake a stolen car at.
To go Banger-spottingin winnipeg, just drive or ride through either the north end or Maryland and Langside.
The latter is sometimes refered to as Scaryland and Gangside. This may aid you in your Banger-spotting endevours.
Pegger 1>I was going to work last week and my Banger-spotting was interupted by severe bloodloss and unconciousness.
Pegger 2>You got shot?
Pegger 1>No. Mosquitoes. I'll never forget my repellent again.
Pegger 2>Serves you right, you stupid limey.This is winnipeg.
by Mad English December 8, 2007
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An up-and-coming Canadian city with about 660,000 people in the city proper and 710,000 in the metro. It spent a few decades on the decline, but has been showing a huge comeback in the past 5 years in economics, commerce, culture, politics, etc.
If I was going to live anywhere in Canada, I'd live in Winnipeg.
by Sultan May 18, 2005
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A strange, mid-size city in Canada (8th largest) known for extreme weather and very hard partying. The city was in decline from about 1975-2000 but is on the rebound due to lots of jobs, low cost of living, a thriving arts scene, and easy access to pot and coke. All Canadian bands worth mentioning are from Winnipeg. Apparently Homer Simpson is based on a character (Matt Groening's dad I think) who was from somewhere close to Winnipeg, hence all the references in The Simpsons. Some areas are notoriously unsafe, I believe its the murder, car theft, and assault capital of Canada, all because of the native population. I felt safer in the ghettos of L.A. and Chicago than Winnipeg's North End. If you want a weekend of good blow and cheap beer, Winnipeg is for you - but bring a gun. Oh, and DONT touch the hookers, you'll get swine flu.
by party in the peg August 8, 2009
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