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The TV show which started a billion different hair style trends
"Can I have the same hair style as that girl in Friends?"
"Which one?"
"Um, I think she's called Rachel."
"No, I meant which style?"
by Caz August 19, 2004
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a happy, optimistic but slightly ditzy and completely crazy person.
'I just met the happiest, most optimistic, but kinda ditzy and craziest person ever.'
'Aww, sounds like a Fran!'
by Caz August 19, 2004
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Adj. 1. The mustache that appears usually on young men when starting to go through puberty. 2. Very thin mustache with thin fine hairs 3. Usually found on pale zit faced nerds, rednecks and Mexicans.
"The guy is 28 and only needs to shave once a month. At best he can get a high school mustache.
by Caz July 16, 2004
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A slutty prostitute who will even sleep with cops.

The slustitute seduced the policeman into paying for sex.
by caz March 18, 2003
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Using a cheap prostitute for a quick a hand-job.
He went so long without sex that he turned to slustibation when masturbating wasn't enough anymore.
by caz March 18, 2003
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TV Show about taking the piss from celebrities. Stars Avid Merrion.

Craiiiiiig David!
Come on Kes! Let's go on the CRAIIIIIG DAVID tour bus!
I'm dead scary!
Tracy Shaw, she so sexy she makes me do a sex wee!
by Caz June 26, 2004
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Boking but nothing comes up
Fuck av got the Dry boke
by Caz March 23, 2004
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