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Verb: to kes

To kes to is to study hard and diligently

A good kes session is to do loads of study and get loads of work done
β€œI am kessing after school today I hope it’s a good one”
by The real kesser September 09, 2019
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Only the most attractive thing you'll ever see. One look at her and your dick will be turned to stone (get it had as a rock). Anyway she is a great girl who deserves only the most handsome and perfect fellow in all of the lands. As not only are her looks phenomenal, but her heart is big and warm and will make you melt like a stick of butter on a sunny day. Her eyes will charm you. Her butt will charm you. Her face will charm you. Her hair will charm you even if she had bed head. Her personality will charm you. Everything she does or is will charm you. So go look for kes, no wait dont do that because she is all mine fucker. All mine. Mahayana. I love her
Wow did you see Kes, she was like wow.
by egag and yesak August 16, 2016
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Kes (pronounced /ˈkΙ›s/) is a character in the television series Star Trek: Voyager, played by Jennifer Lien. Her Species is Ocampa. She was also a medical assistant.
Kes is an excellent nurse!
by The1AndOnlyMs.Dick August 11, 2010
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Bird of prey from up north, smokes heavily, wings clipped thus doomed to live forever down South with all the noncey sparrows
you wouldn't believe how much kestrels smoke nowadays
by Aslan June 14, 2004
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The most coolest people to walk the earth. It is part of a religion.
These people dont like queer assholes who pretend to be gay then decide they are straight the next day and gonna get stabbed. To sum our memories up in one word it would be - herroikirryoufamirayduckmymumandcallherbrendaemiraykatyandsteverrnflidaphilingjewratwhores ;)
K- we must all pray to the best religion of all.. KES
E- all hail KES!
S- mmm Cake.
by EMIRAAAAY:D October 01, 2011
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A word used by retarded people who say Kes if they don't want to do something and want to annoy the shit out of other people
Hey can you pass me the pepper


Dude seriously pass me the pepper


" the guy asking for the pepper kills the other guy cause of pure rage"
by Zealandish January 29, 2016
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