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noun - a type of murder where killing was nessecary, and done for the good of everyone, not your own hatred or desires. Less animalistic than most murders.
Little Timmy: "I don't know why, but everyone wanted Larry dead, and I was the only one with a gun. So I shot him."
Ugiene: "thats warm blooded murder...you leet monster."
Kyle: "Press 555 if you like me!!!!!!1111"
by Can Not June 6, 2005
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verb - to rub someones upper arm as if to flirt
Jim: haha, I'm thexign you!
Larry: WTF? you meeter!!!1 why are your flirtishly rubbing my upper arm? are you a homosexual?
by Can Not April 8, 2005
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noun - a guy who is willing to go out with almost any girl. Sometimes a veeter.(someone who veets) rotors are not always desperate, but they are too willing.
Phillip Noble was utterly willing to go out with all those digusting girls.

Sean is not a rotor because he will only be willing to go out with Asia.
by Can Not March 15, 2005
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noun - an alien race - skin color ranges from medium blue to dark blue. Older Cartas are grayish-blue or gray colored. Resembles human in general shape. Has 2 dark blue horns on head, black eyes, and 2 really small dark blue horns on their backs.
Bob Marley: I was walking around today and 3 Cartas jumped out and robbed me!
Ralf: Stupid Aliens...
by Can Not April 8, 2005
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In most homes, there is a wall choosen to put people's names and pictures on. Saying someone has a wall of men is suggesting that they only have men on their wall of people. Usually suggesting someone is gay.
Sean: Where did Jeff go?
Mike: He went to go look at his "Wall of Men"
by Can Not March 13, 2005
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verb - to look at a rather chunky women for pleasure.
"Uh, can't talk now Bob, I have some veeting to do."

"Woah, Robbie has some mad veet skillz!"

"Tom saw a rather chunky woman and began to veet at her."
by Can Not March 14, 2005
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noun - an emporer or emporess of a Rastafarian Native group or tribe. Usually a "dark" emporer.
I was at the Rastafarian Council meeting, then the Psuedanato came out and threatened to kill me because I wasn't wearing a type of hat!
by Can Not September 15, 2005
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