Noble's are often funny, caring and good looking guys. Brave and bold. He or she is not afraid to say what is on their mind. Nobles' have big hearts and won't judge you for who you truly are. Nobles' are animal lovers for sure. If you met a Noble you will never regret it. They also have good haircuts/hair.
Sarah: Have you met Noble?
Alice: No
Sarah: You should he is the sweetest guy ever.
by Hypnos :) May 12, 2021
A shitty town where the jocks are stuck up and think they are everything that they're not, and the football team loses because the jocks think they're better than each other. The girls are fugly and most of them are sluts, and the school has the highest pregnancy rate of the county and they make anyone that isn't a football player an outcast.
Guy: You guys are such fucking dorks, football is the best sport ever no ones better than me
Girl: Oh my god, that guy is sooo hot, he plays football!

Normal student: God noble is such a shitty town, the team sucks and the jocks are asshole
Normal Student 2: Yeah so true dude. Sick and tired of Noble.
by PrincipleAsshat January 7, 2011
A Noble is another word for a person who is of the opinion that they are better than others at one particular thing.

A Noble always blames his/her own misdoings on other people so not to lose out on anything.

A Noble is very hard to understand, as one may be a Noble's best friend one day and be called names the next.

A Noble also thinks he/she is the best at CoD:MW2.
Guy: Hey Noble, like that kill?
Noble: Hey Man!
Guy: Hi, Noble.
*next day*
Guy 2: Hey Noble, I saw you with Guy 1 yesterday!
Noble: Yeah, He's a Dickhead
by The_Mezz_Man May 21, 2010
An awesome, smart, incredibly good looking guy with a huge heart. He is always the center of attention guy who is great with the ladies. He will always be your friend unless you cross him, he will go ape shit and probably beat the fuck out of you.
Girl: Did you see Noble today!?
Guy: Yeah why?
Girl: He looked sooo hot!
Guy: Damn wish I was Noble.
by Alyshaaaa69 July 30, 2012
British cottage-car company, known for their mid-engine supercars, the Noble M12 and the Noble M14 that combine a British-built body and a highly tuned Ford engine into something that could be described as the closest thing to a British Detomasso Panter.
My noble handles better than your porsche 911, and with its ford engine, I never have to worry about expensive engine parts.
by Alex B. December 29, 2005
She is a dare devil, adventurous, loving chick who likes to break all the rules and make up stupid shit as she goes. She always gets her way no matter what situation it is. She experimental when it comes to sex so be careful what you wish for. No matter what always entertain her!
Guy 1: Yo, where's Noble?
Guy 2: Yeah she's said she was going to do something.
Guy 1: Like what?
Guy 2: I don't know. Something about sword swallowing while doing tricks on BMX bike on a Orcinus orca.
Some African stripper that get dollas by throwing that ass back ig
Ayo any stripper with a name like “Noble” must be worth my money”
by YUNGOLDDAGGERDICK February 4, 2021