A girl who doesn't know what in the world she's doing but lots of people admire her. She's gorgeous even though she might not think so, and she is loved by many people. Her humor is a plus and she can probably get any guy she wants. Her hair is beautiful and her smile can light up your world.
Boy 1- "Who's that hot mess?"
Boy 2- "Hot mess? More like hottie, that's Cathrine!"
by king jay (; February 21, 2017
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A beautiful,audacious,smart and sexy girl. She's gonna be an amazing mother and wife. She is unreplaceble...
Boy: I can't lose her

Other guy:Who?

: She's the 1 dude my wife and best mom 4 my kids...
by December 17, 2020
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An extremely cute, sexy, and attractive girl with gorgeous eyes
"whose that hot girl over there?"
"her? Oh that's Cathrine!"
by love you Cathrine ;) September 02, 2013
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She is an angel sent from hell, but for some reason she is the hottest bitch in the room. This is fact. Also, she is not a chemist. She is amazingly smart and is always funny.
That gir is awesome like a Cathrin
by Frenzal words December 07, 2018
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Verb: To be hit on, admired, or groped by a nasty whore or skanker.
"Oh man, you just got so Cathrined. I'd take a cold shower if I were you."
by Max Powers October 30, 2004
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a school in Toorak, Victoria. also known as the princess factory or gold digger achademy.
rich, snobbish girls attend this school.
they are nice people when you get to know them, but get on their bad side and you might as well move to Melbourne Girl's Grammar.
mggs: nice blue uniform.
st.c: oh yeah thanks, im from st. cathrines.
mggs: thats why, your a st.caths girl.
mggs: well im from mggs.
st.c: were gonna kick ur asses in inter school rowing.
mggs: not if we do it first.
st.c: bitch.
by hillarymoot October 04, 2008
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A person with the name Cathrine Lee is a very strong caring person. their personality is amazing just like their name. most people with the name Cathrine Lee are anime weebs. a girl with the name Cathrine Lee is a very beautiful person just like their name, if you have a friend name Cathrine Lee please let them know how beautiful and amazing their personality and name are!
random girl: "who is that, and who does she think she is!"

Skylar: that is my best friend and her name is Cathrine Lee, she is beautiful, kind, and the best friend ever!!!"
by mladenka September 24, 2020
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