Ralf is one of the sexiest boys he gets all the girls and never runs out of booty
by Sexy boy:) December 4, 2018
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Ralf is someone very special. He is a special boy to everyone who meet him. He is always there if you need him, you can talk to him till if its late in the night. His smile is so cute you melted if he gives it to you. Most girls fall in love with him, but he never know. Most of them has pretty brown eyes and brown hair. It's like you meet an angel. He is very funny and gives you this one feeling when he is arround. The feeling that he is care about you and that you have so much luck that you meet him.
He: What are you thankful for?
She: To meet this special person.
He: Whats his name?
She. Ralf
by themeaningoflivex October 28, 2017
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throwing up, vomiting, regurgitating food, etc.
by WAHScheer May 27, 2009
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The best person you could meet like ever, he's kind, loyal, very beautiful person, with good since of humor with the most beautiful smile.
Ralfs, is The best person.
by ssss___ssss December 15, 2018
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The sound created by somebody Noisily vomitimg due to excess alchohol consumption, comes from somebody noticing that on occasions somebody retching sounds like they are saying ralf
"hey Jim are you ok?" No ive drank too much im gonna ralf...." What the fucks that noise" oh thats just Jim ralfing, he's shitfaced"
by Jonnyboy8726 November 5, 2009
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