71 definitions by Cameron

Used to make fun of those who use abbriviations much too often such as: LOL, OMFG, OMR, WTF, GG, CRNKT, PWNED etc.
Billy says: lolol Wtf r u doin? OOMFG wtf ur problm?

John says: Shut the fuck up faggot, TVVCRDVD
by Cameron February 28, 2005
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federation internationale de l'automobile. A larger association that basically governs many motor sports including formula 1 and the wrc.
The FIA has set out new rules for formula 1.
by Cameron November 21, 2004
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When your having sex with someone in a doggy style position, and you spit on their back (to make them think you came) so the reciever turns around as the you pull out and cum all over there face.
I am going to give brad a phantom.
by cameron May 08, 2004
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an adjective used to describe an attractive female on the campus of the University of Texas
That girl is ooglie booglie
by cameron December 12, 2003
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To destroy something. See Men.
Owww I manked my foot!
by Cameron September 04, 2003
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a person who drives a VW Vanagon
Look, who's that Honiss over there?
by Cameron March 31, 2003
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a man who cuts down trees to for the basis for a new house lot
Gizztree was out again!
by Cameron March 31, 2003
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