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An Italian Formula One team, originally founded in 1979 by Giancarlo Minardi, and entered F1 competition in 1985. Their debutant season was rocky at best: The M185 was originally designed to accept an Motori Moderni turbo engine, as was necessary to even have a hope of competitiveness in the turbo era's heyday. Unfortunately, the engine wasn't ready in time, and the team had to make do with Cosworth DFVs, a legendary powerplant that was sadly far eclipsed by the turbo engines that were then dominant. Badly down on power and quite unreliable, driver Pierluigi Martini was only classified three times. (one on a technicality, he finished just twice)

This set the persistent tone of Minardis lifetime as a backmarker. Despite this, the team survived for 20 years, despite crippling financial woes in many years, and changes of ownership. The team's final owner, Australian aviation business owner Paul Stoddart saved the team from dire straights, at the end of the 2001 season, money was incredibly tight, and the teams existence was uncertain. Minardi cars continued to grace the (back of the) grid for four more seasons. When the team was finally sold in September 2005, Minardi had scored no wins, no podiums, only led one lap (during the 1989 Portuguese Grand Prix, with Martini driving) and only 38 points in 20 years of competing.

Despite the unenviable track record, Minardi was a well respected member of the paddock. In the increasingly corporate atmosphere of Formula One, Minardi was known for being quite friendly and accessible, and for their espresso (considered the best in the paddock). The cars were considered to be quite well-designed for their relatively shoe-string budget, the lowly scores more due to a lack of funds and engine power. They were also known for resisting the employment of pay drivers (drivers hired for the sponsorship they bring, not necessarily for their skill) more so than other teams in similar situations. They also helped bring various successful drivers into the sport, including now double world champion Fernando Alonso. They also built up a small but loyal following of fans.

Sadly, the party could not last, and the team was sold to Red Bull, and was turned into Scuderia Torro Rosso. (the B-team for Red Bull Racing) Stoddart later bought a stake in CTE-HVM Racing, a Champ Car team, renaming it Minardi Team USA. The Minardi name now found some success, with two wins from Robert Doornbos, and six podiums. However, with the merger of Champ Car and the IRL, Stoddart decided not to compete and the team reverted back to HVM Racing. Stoddart also campaigned to enter a new F1 team named 'European Minardi F1 Team Ltd' in 2006 for the 2008 season. The deal went to Prodrive, instead. Stoddart retains the rights to the Minardi name for a British registered company, so the team may still race again...
Forza Minardi!
by amtgman July 10, 2008
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A formula one team that established back in 1985. Probabably one of the most unsuccessful F1 teams to date having never won race, made podium and their best ever race finish being fifth. Each year they gouge millions and millions or dollars out of oblivious sponcers so they can keep their inferior cars spinning off and blowing engines. Even with all that I still personally have compassion for Minardi as they have always had some of the best looking cars on the grid.
A double DNF for Minardi again.
by Cameron December 11, 2004
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Probably the coolest person there ever was and ever will be.
Man I wanna be like Minardi!

My mom says when I grow up I can be a Minardi too!
by Arock December 11, 2005
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