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A term joe made up. Basically anal sex, but RAGING.
Joe: Do you like raging butt sex?
Devon: How many times do I have to tell you? YES!
by Mister D October 15, 2004
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Also referred to as RBS. The act of raging one's anus, or just having a good time. The term is usually covered up as red bologna sandwiches in the event of an older being asking what it means.
Dude, I gave RBS all night!!!

That party last night was Raging Butt Sex, everyone had a great time!

-Son, what does RBS mean?

-Oh it means Red bologna sandwiches, its a new sandwich craze!
by Colonel Dan does work May 24, 2010
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Raging butt sex is when your step-father comes home from a long day of work drunk as all hell and decides to beat you until you either lock yourself in the closet or run away crying and pissing your pants. after this he turns his attention towards your mom, not even noticing that she got her hair done today, but instead in a drunken rage because he no longer has you to molest he has his way with your mom's anus tearing the shit out of it until she's bled so much there is no use for lube. after he blows his load and pukes on her back he then passes out as your mom experiences orgasm after orgasm shaking her body all over.
(drunken step dad): I'm gonna give you raging butt sex
(your mom):alright I'm just healed from last week's session lets go.
by Austin benson January 24, 2008
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