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70 definitions by cameron

A day in which beer, football and turkey are celebrated and/or devoured.

Many times, drunk people will give thanks for the success of their team.

This word may have had a different meaning before modern times.
by cameron December 2, 2003
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verb - a word used to describe the act of a violent hit; being jolted in a destructive nature
by cameron January 2, 2004
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When your having sex with someone in a doggy style position, and you spit on their back (to make them think you came) so the reciever turns around as the you pull out and cum all over there face.
I am going to give brad a phantom.
by cameron May 8, 2004
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1. what porn stars are paid to do
2. what most people like to do for money or for pleasure
3. to fuck
side effects: orgasms babies
i had sex with a really hot chick last night
by cameron June 25, 2003
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