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"RBS, or Random Boner Syndrom, is affecting men everywhere. Affects teens, adults, the president, historical figures probably even got it. They have all fallen pray to Random Boner Syndrome. RBS is when your sitting in class, at the work place, or your at the bus stop, and all of a sudden you just get a boner. Sometimes it's not even that boner that gets you, its trying to adjust it in the middle of class. The problem is, when it's limp, if you got it hanging down, then it grows into the tight part of your jeans. Or if you got it propped up onto your leg, and you get a boner, then it goes right up into your belt buckle. And your like, 'God damn it, my boner is going right into my belt buckle...ow!' So the question remains, should we be concerned with RBS? should measure me taken by Homeland Security or Peda to help control the situation? I don't know what either of those will do. Homeland Security would probably try to tap your wiener, and Peda would probably try to give it the right to vote. But all I know, is that RBS is just part of life and it's something that all men have to deal with."

-Vinny Degaetano
"I was once sitting in my science class, during a lecture about how when you mix carbon and hydrogen, it makes hydrocarbons. And then I got a boner RBS. I had a girl sitting right next to me at my table, what am I supposed to do? Do I just adjust it? Well, yeah I could do that, but that's not polite; that's rude. Do you stand up, then you got that boner sitting right there. And your playing with it like, 'Err...I can't adjust my boner!'."

-Vinny Degaetano
by evilchocolatebar73 April 2, 2008
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Acronym for Random Boner Syndrome. Pretty self explanatory, but it happens when you're just sitting there and randomly get a boner. Usually not spurred by anything.
"Yo man, I was sittin in class one day and got hit with RBS."
"Well, the teacher called on me, and I had to go up to the board. Everyone laughed."
"Yeah, that's cause yo wang is small, guy."
by Al April 21, 2004
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Random Boner Syndrome. When a male's sexual organ is continuously erect at random times.
Doctor: "Holy Crap! What is that?"

Male: "Sorry, I have RBS."

Doctor: "Whew! It's all good, so do I!"
by Ballin All Day January 18, 2012
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Eric is on his rbs he has on all Gucci
by bear5676 October 25, 2018
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Nick often gets boners during math class, which proves that he has RBS.
by swagsarah April 25, 2014
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used when the amount of bullshit said by a person reaches an absurd level.
Ravi:Whoa thats some rbs right there
by ShaibFromSarangkot February 4, 2016
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An acronym for the phrase "Rough Bum Sex". This is additionally comical because the Royal Bank of Scotland (also RBS) logo resembles an anus.
John Doe enjoys RBS.
by Massimo2112 September 4, 2007
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