dude her front lawn needed to be mowed.
by haha no. July 23, 2005
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To inform an individual behaving in a manner not pleasing to you that you with take them outside and beat the shit out of them.
“If you don’t knock it off I’m taking you to the front lawn
“Look you!” “Front lawn
by Tacosdorados July 1, 2019
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Making the best of an unexpected situation. Similar to water off a duck's back.
"Oh you missed your bus? Don't worry, its fennel on the front lawn."
by herbyvore February 6, 2021
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Daughter: I need to mow the front lawn
Mom: Oh dont worry, i pay the mexicans 25 dollars to do it
Daughter: Hahahaha

Mom: *clueless*
by omgpubichair July 1, 2009
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a run-off of "your face", "your mom", ect.... usually used as a comeback. the ULTIMATE.....random comeback, used to make anyone walk away confused......
Morgan: I hate this class
Autumn: Your mom hates this class
Morgan: Your Dad...............in bed
Autumn: Your Brother
Morgan: Your computer
Autumn: Your front lawn!!!
Morgan: *becomes confused and walks away......*

by Kursti Yoyoyiggityyo May 27, 2008
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To describe the severity of a situation or event that had happen that left you completely and utterly wasted/tired/or un functioning.
“Yea, I don’t remember any part of last night. My Purse Was All Over The Front Lawn the next morning.”
by godfuckingdamnitzander February 11, 2021
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When you have a bush in your front lawn, it means you have lot's of hair in a certain place...;)
Boy:"Hey, do you have a bush in your front lawn?"
Girl:"Hell yea! I have a whole garden"
by Jordatha March 23, 2017
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