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An otherwise heterosexual prisoner force into sexual submission to one or more stronger prisoners. Same a "punk."
The Texcalis on cellblock C made made the new guy their prison bitch.
by BxMuscle January 18, 2004

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A man in prison who pressures or forcibly rapes another prisoner for anal sex. He's a bandit not because he likes booty but because he steals it.
The Surenos are the worst booty bandits in San Quentin. They turn out every young dude that comes through the gates these days.
by BxMuscle September 06, 2009

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In male prisons, same-sex relations that usually follow strict role assignments in which one or more prisoners is/are the the daddy, or dominant partner(s), who penetrate or receive fellatio from a submissive partner, who may or may not being a willing participant. While most prison sex follows this highly scripted pattern, there are occasionally flip-flops, men who penetrate or fellate each other by mutual consent.
I heard that afta 18 months locked up, DaShawn over on D-Block couldn't take doin' without no mo' and let that sissy on his tier give'em some prison sex.
by BxMuscle March 15, 2008

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An otherwise heterosexual man who while in prison engages in homosexual sex. Can include who men prefer women but resort to gay sex as an sexual and/or emotional outlet while incarcerated, as well as men who are forced into submissive sexual roles by other men punks.
Jose is straight, married and got kids but he was Prison Gay while he was doing that dime in Attica.
by BxMuscle January 23, 2009

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The mouth of a male prison inmate who either willingly or under duress sucks dick while in prison. Sometimes used more narrowly to refer to such inmates who wear goatees or mustaches.

The term serves as an analogy to the vagina's role as receptacle for the penis, with male facial hair viewed as analogous to vaginal pubic hair
I see DaShawn's wifie on cell block is growing a goatee now. I bet that prison pussy is gonna tickle his balls when he's gettin' his knob polished.
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010

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212 was the original area code established for Manhattan in 1947. The 212s is a now dated term of condescension and gentile WASP anti-Jewish bigotry used to discreetly refer to and mock affluent New York City Jews such WASPs encountered in business, politics and some social situations.
I suppose the election of Micheal Bloomberg as mayor of New York City shows that the 212s still pretty much run things there, doesn't it, my dear.
by BxMuscle January 08, 2011

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In male prisons in the U.S., the status and respect an inmate attains from never having been anally or orally penetration, or otherwise sexually used, by another man. One's Manhood can be lost in several ways in prison, such as displays of cowardice or falling victim to the scams of others, but is permanently unrecoverable only if one is sexually penetrated or otherwise sexually used by a man.
I heard that Juan lost his Manhood to some vatos on cellblock D last night. Word is that five of 'em jump and went up in 'em in the showers when he had soap in his face.
by BxMuscle January 08, 2011

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