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Short for "a Whores' Stroll." A public area used by street-walkers to trawl for clients, usually carrying the connotation of low-end, down-trodden prostitutes working run-down and dangerous parts of town.
Pupo's sister got turned out by one of his boys while he was locked up. Now he's got her workin the Ho Stro by Hunts Point over by Bruckner Blvd most nights, $25 for a suck, $50 to get laid.
by BxMuscle June 12, 2013
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A stereotypically gay Latin man with obviously effeminate or flamboyant mannerisms. NOT applicable to gay men who do not have such mannerisms.
Miguel is such a cha-cha queen. She showed up at the club in skin-tight jeans showing more ass than Jay-Lo and cat-walking like Tyra Banks.
by BxMuscle January 23, 2009
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To give a beat-down, administer an ass-kicking, or otherwise do physical injury to someone.

Archaic Meaning: In the 1970s, term used in male prisons to describe the initial forcible sodomizing of an inmate in order to make him into a "prison bitch." See the 1980 movie Penitentiary, in which the prison jock "Jesse" unsuccessfully tries to rape the prisoner called "Too Sweet" by the jocks, telling Too Sweet that "I'm gonna bust yo ass, I'm gonna bust you." The beating into submission of the intended "prison bitch" was preliminary to busting his ass open by and for sodomy. The beating phase became separated from the rape phase in the current meaning of "bust yo ass."
Jesse to Too Sweet in Penitentiary (1980): You my stuff, Sissy! I'm gonna bust yo ass!
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010
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212 was the original area code established for Manhattan in 1947. The 212s is a now dated term of condescension and gentile WASP anti-Jewish bigotry used to discreetly refer to and mock affluent New York City Jews such WASPs encountered in business, politics and some social situations.
I suppose the election of Micheal Bloomberg as mayor of New York City shows that the 212s still pretty much run things there, doesn't it, my dear.
by BxMuscle January 08, 2011
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In male prisons, the condition of being turned out for sex and made into another man's prison-wife.
The crew on C-block snatched up that new pretty-boy soon as he hit yard for their punk. He's so bitched out now they got him walk around in Daisy Dukes and Kool-Aid lipstick.
by BxMuscle November 04, 2011
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A man in prison who pressures or forcibly rapes another prisoner for anal sex. He's a bandit not because he likes booty but because he steals it.
The Surenos are the worst booty bandits in San Quentin. They turn out every young dude that comes through the gates these days.
by BxMuscle September 06, 2009
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Short for Poor People Sh-t refering to habits and ways of thinking allegedly common among lower income groups that supposedly contribute to persistent poverty and negative outcomes in their lives.
Karen needs to drop that PPS of hers. Four kids by three different dads before you're 25 is not good for her or those kids.
by BxMuscle March 03, 2020
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