1.To Cock Block your friend from talking to or fucking a girl.
2. Preventing someone from getting in a girls pants.
You are at a bar talking to a girl and your friend jumps between the two of you and starts talking to her.

Girls can C-Block guys too by preventing them from getting in their girlfriend pants. Usually by making them leave with them instead of you.

by Notorious JRB June 21, 2006
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Also know as Cock-block. Commonly found at Fraternity party. Person A is talking to hot drunk chick, when his friend Person B comes up, equally as drunk and embarasses person A, to the point where drunk hot chick no longer wants to give up the buns.
"Dude, you cheesehead bastard. Why are u bringing up my sexual ineptitude in public?!? I could have SCORED!"
by CoorsLightEMU April 20, 2003
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Dude, I was hitting on this chick and he c blocked me by showing off his Mercedes. Now she won't talk to me.
by Gavin So Complicated August 17, 2006
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cock blocked...not getting any pussy when you really need it because of unforseen forces beyond your control
I am getting c-blocked from all angles...either my girlfriend gets a phone call or someone comes to her house right when we are ready or I'm on line chatting with some hot babe and my computer crashes.
by fitzwilli June 2, 2006
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the area in which all the BOOOOOOYS hang out at school, bunch of good cunts there, brotherhood.
Sanjay: you going to kick it at C BLOCK today at lunch bro?
Gulas: of course!
by bartyboy June 3, 2011
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