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Young dudes refers pretty generally to someone who is outgoing, popular with girls and resides or has resided in Japan. The original and iconic young dude is an aspiring British writer named Kris Dunlop who first visited the peninsula in the late nineties. The website he then created: "Young Dudes Guide to Japan" covered drinking and entertainment venues in Japan and attracted a vast array of people who, like Kris, had experienced dating and the buzzing night life of Japan.

Common misconceptions include:
1) All young dudes are young. This is false. Some young dudes are as old as 45. Politely refered to as "older" young dudes, they are considered veterans among the community having lived in the "economic bubble" era of Japan when night clubs drew in large crowds and socializing reached its peak.
2) All young dudes are foreigners who came to Japan. That is also false. One notable member is a Japanese doctor who enjoys extra-marital relationships and offers invaluable advice to young dudes who have tied the knot.
1) "These young dudes were all over the place! They must have got every girl's phone number back there!"
2) It was too late - Naoko was already getting in a cab with two young dudes she had just met.
by August 08, 2005
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