A derogatory term used in reference to Transsexuals that are of a pre-op status. Very few transsexuals feel any sort of endearment to this term, most consider it highly offensive. Most commonly used in the porn industry for relating to the heterosexual male.
"wow, thats some hot 'chick with a dick' porn there man"

by xx_zombieGRL__xx January 28, 2007
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What I am. I have breasts and a penis-vagina. It's easy to get my gender confused. I just explain to people I'm both.
I'm a chick with a dick and I'm not ashamed.
by Salvatore H. Vitale April 16, 2008
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some one with a mental illness
P1; he are a chick with a dick or is it a she?
P2; I can fit my dick in my butt
P1; wat?
by CumSlayer March 14, 2022
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The word says it all. Females with cocks. They could have both reproductive organs (see hermaphrodite) or they could just look like a chick and really be a dude.
"Wow, that chick looks to hot to be true."
"Yeah, she's probably got a dick."
by Erwin May 29, 2004
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office drones who at one time may have been men,but now think and act like women. these girls use all the office tricks of real women, fake friendliness, fake niceness,back stabbing,gossip,and rumor. good luck to a regular guy who steps on one of these bitches toes. instead of confronting the offender they smile while waiting for a chance to stick in a knife often the offender dosen't even know that he did something wrong. a chicks main weapons are rumor and gossip, she will say that someone did something implying that the someone is her target, but never really naming him. her target is in a can't win situation if he ignores the rumor then it's true,if he conforts the chick she denies it and the target is now a bully, and a brute. the only real hope the target has is someone higher up than the chick for his own reasons tells the chick to shut up or get bitch slapped.the chick will then denie any knowledge of the affair and knowing that she's being watched leave her victum alone for now.
i saw a bunch of chicks with dicks going to lunch at the center looked like a girls night out. jon was ok until i told him we couldn't do it his way i thought he would scratch my eyes out. bob was let go, too bad he was the only one who wasn't a chick with a dick. i turned down the job too many chicks with dicks in that place.
by benthere March 4, 2008
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See the movie "Clerks" by director Kevin Smith to hear this phrase in a good context.
by AbnormalBoy September 1, 2004
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basically, it's a contemptuous term used by critics to denote the same old, same old themes used over and over again, especially in catagories of popular music such as cock rock and cock country. For example: "Ooh baby I just want to make love to you" or descriptions of life on the road, "love 'em and leave 'em" (I can't establish a relationship with you girl, but maybe next year me and the boys will be back here and we can screw again), the inconveinence of getting VD, and all that rigmarol.
I read the CD booklet of a Midnight Oil album and the narrator was amazed that there was an Aussie band that not only truly sounded Australian, even in their accents, but one that had somethings important to say, let alone anything to say period. Something besides the usual touring-and-getting-VD bromides, which he described as "chicks and dicks".
by I Saw U2 Live Twice August 26, 2007
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