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The discovery of fecal matter on the penis during or following anal sex. Commonly used in but not exclusive to gay slang.
1. That dude is one nasty faggot. I fucked him in the ass and he gave me a shity deal. I'm not hittin' that again.

2. I tell all my straight friends that if they ever wanna try anal sex, do it with a gay dude and not a woman. Most gays at least douche their asses, but woman are more like to give you a shity deal.
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010

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Short for "a Whores' Stroll." A public area used by street-walkers to trawl for clients, usually carrying the connotation of low-end, down-trodden prostitutes working run-down and dangerous parts of town.
Pupo's sister got turned out by one of his boys while he was locked up. Now he's got her workin the Ho Stro by Hunts Point over by Bruckner Blvd most nights, $25 for a suck, $50 to get laid.
by BxMuscle June 12, 2013

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A homosexual on the down-low: a gay man who's in the closet.
Raheem likes to front as a playa and God's gift to women but we all know he's a Molo.
by BxMuscle January 24, 2009

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French term meaning "blow to the state" coined after General Napoleon Bonaparte's 1799 seizure of power and suppression of the Constitution of 1795 in that country. Though often associated with military uprisings a "coup" is defined as any entity within a existing political system that acts illegally to appropriate all power to that entity while often violently suppressing other institutions and power-centers (media, legislatures, trade unions, political parties, etc.).
You know, the 1917 so-called "Bolshevik Revolution" of Lenin and his people in Russia is interpreted by some historians as really just a coup d'etat by an armed political party when Lenin's followers used their control over the capital's local government to seizure control of the whole city, drive out the national government and use St. Petersburg to launch their conquest of the country.
by BxMuscle February 23, 2019

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A term originally associated with 19th century German philosophy, especially that of Hegel, in which the positive action of a person (the Subject/actor) transformed that which was acted upon (the Object/thing acted upon). 20th century radicals subsequently referred to cultures or peoples who were exploited, sexualized or romanticized in by Westerners as being "Objectified" in and by Western culture, rather than understood has having their own identities and agency.
Tunisian novelist Albert Menni's "The Colonizer and the Colonized" is one of the best books about how the European conquest of North Africa objectified Arabs and their culture.
by BxMuscle August 22, 2018

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In male prisons, a prisoner who is always the pitcher, man or top, i.e. the penetrator or recipient of fellatio, in same-sex relations with a prisoner who is the catcher, girl or boy, i.e. the penetrated or fellator.
Mark was a notorious daddy in San Quentin. He was runnin up in and gettin head off all the young dudes coming in.
by BxMuscle March 15, 2008

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Upper case M followed by lower case c: preface denoting something that is cheap, shotty, dead-end and highly standardized with little real value. Examples include:

McMansions: large, ugly, expensive houses built to order but according to a standard design by companies catering to those with money but not taste. Often prized by the newly rich who retain pedestrian middle or lower class tastes.

McJobs: low-wage, low-skill employment with no benefits and few prospects for advancement, as in WalMart.

McSchool: an unaccredited college or university that promises potential students that their marginal or worthless degrees will open career paths for them.
1. Mike got himself a Mcjob the other day, flippy burgers at the local McDonald's.

2. I can't believe my friend Janet just spent thousands of dollars on some on-line McSchool when she could have gone to an accredited state university or community college for half the money!
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010

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