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A popular term for someone suffering from "gender dysmorphia," meaning unhappiness with one's gender. Such individuals long to be of the other gender, often suffer extreme angst due to their biological gender, and will often go to extraordinary lengths to live and outwardly appear as the gender they wish to be, including extensive chemical, surgical and prosthetic alterations of their bodies.

M2F is often used to refer to boys/men who think of themselves as female. F2M for girls/women who think of themselves as male.
1. Pablo got tricked by a tranny last weekend. He picked up one from the club thinking he was gonna get sum pussy, instead he got a chick with a dick.

2. You ever seen a porno with that actor Buck Angel? Yo, she looks like a straight-up, buffed, hardcore biker ex-con til she takes her boxers off and you see that its a woman with a big-ass juicy pussy! She looks like a real man but be taking all kinda dick just like a real woman. That shit blew my mind when I first say it.
by BxMuscle October 03, 2010

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Archaic slang emerging during Prohibition, 1920-33, and used through the 1940s refering to the act of affluent people patronizing seedy establishments in urban slums for disreputable and often illegal entertainments. The term emerged when Prohibition led to speak-easies in poor neighborhood that attracted the well-off who wanted to drink. It the began generalized for any similar behavior of the priveleged seeking thrills when venturing into poor districts.
Some older peeps I know told me that back in the day Donald Trump was know for slumming at Studio 54 in Manhattan looking for his blow.

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Short for Poor People Sh-t refering to habits and ways of thinking allegedly common among lower income groups that supposedly contribute to persistent poverty and negative outcomes in their lives.
Karen needs to drop that PPS of hers. Four kids by three different dads before you're 25 is not good for her or those kids.
by BxMuscle March 03, 2020

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A term use in some male gay circles refering to a man's behind used for anal sex.
Carlos claimed that his boyfriend has the best mangina he's ever been up in.
by BxMuscle March 03, 2020

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