199 definition by Brandon

A person who wiggles in all ways when they walk;specifically when they march.
Noodle Goldsmith is my example.
by brandon February 26, 2005

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Girl that loves to play games and have fun, also loves to be cute and funny. Has a great personality.
_____ MuffinBuns... you know
by Brandon November 16, 2004

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completely random and useless sound in front of "bye", or in some cases, "hi." the real definition of "buh" is unknown, so this is the best i could come up with.
BUH BYE! i'm leaving now
BUH HI! hello, pleasure to meet you sir/madame.
by Brandon September 15, 2004

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Smart Looking Guy- usually asian with glasses
Hey SLG is drunk again lets roll him down the stairs.
by Brandon March 23, 2004

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funky smell from vaginal disorder or disease.

also see: rotten twatt
Kathy hasn't taken a shower in a week... That bitch is got da funk!
by Brandon March 21, 2005

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Yayo is the spanish word "llello". To make it easier for the english people to pronounce it properly they said "yayo". It sounds the same thing is spanish so STOP TRIPPIN!!!!!!
Man yesterday i sold an ounce of that yayo.
by Brandon October 03, 2004

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A counter to the words "What" and "Huh"
"Did you bring it?"
"Bring what?"
by Brandon April 13, 2005

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