199 definition by Brandon

inserting your dick into someones ear. also used to shut someone up real quick.
Person 1:hey man fuck you and your mom.i fucked your mom and sister last night.
Person 2:hey man can i stick my dick in your ear and fuck with your mind?

after you have said that to the annoying prick that is about 12 or 14 years old..they should come back with that same boring shit they always. like Fuck, Bitch, Your Mom, Your Sister...etc.
by Brandon January 01, 2004

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One who enjoys prancing like a baby fawn, and speaking with purposely generated speech impediment.
Why is that kid from American idol such a flamer?
by Brandon September 19, 2003

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I word used in a popular song by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz.
"Gon skeet skeet skeet skeet goddamn" followed by another "goddamn"
by Brandon January 05, 2004

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Snoop Dog
the pimp hand is why strong
by Brandon November 24, 2003

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Can also mean a chinese person who has moced to america and has a chinese accent
He's an americhin because he has a chinese accent
by Brandon January 14, 2005

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I big fat girl
A fat blonde girl that walk like a walrus and has teeth like one a smells like on and eats fish
by Brandon February 09, 2004

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A dance involving a moving of the foot/ leg.
We was at a party and we had t jit.
by Brandon June 06, 2003

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