1.)Another term for back-pack, yet not quite as popular.
2.) Used mostly in the early-mid 1900's by New Yorker's.
"Where the weed at?"
"It's in my knapsack, but you can't touch that!"
by Amber46290 August 15, 2008
The female teabag. when a girl gingerly plops her funbags on another fellow's head or face. Usually resulting in a smile.
Omg...best past-time ever? Knapsacking.
by Humphrey Ballsack February 16, 2011
A term intended to offend. Used as an insult, meant to replace terms like shithead, fuck-bag, asshole.
by rollingtortilla September 14, 2014
When an old man sends you a text picture of his frozen penis with his tighty whities around his ankles.
That sick fucker sent me a picture of his cotton knapsack, again
by crammystad September 26, 2018
when someone is referring to your very unattractive backpack. so therefore they are mocking you and they are calling it a knapsack

sometimes, this word can be said like you have a lisp. and it would be spelled like this: knapshack
by slaponte April 30, 2007
A bag with one strap worn by metrosexual or homosexual males. Looking suspiciously like a manbag, but usually with a utilitarian design lacking the flair or self confidence of a genuine man bag. Consequently it is hard to determine if wearers of such an item are either metrosexual or homosexual and are more likely to be bicurious.
Brian: Geez Dave, whats with the man bag?

Dave: Its not a man bag, its a Dutch Marines Knapsack.
by zolasbackheel July 3, 2013
v. The process of traveling while carrying no more provisions than can be contained in a knapsack.
After graduation, the beautiful little woman went knapsacking across eastern Europe.
by Saffi Mae October 2, 2013