Mason: You got some pine bro.?
Dave:Heck yeahh
Mason: I need the pine asap!!
by Mr.FTF September 20, 2015
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I was going to fast on my dirt bike in the forest and I got pined.
by Some dubie February 14, 2015
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Verb--To pine someone is to kill them with a pine cone, either by continually bashing them in the face with said pine cone or launching it at them at a high velocity.
The hostess at the restaurant said there was an hour long wait and no room to stand inside, so I picked up a pine cone and pined the bitch.
by thetriple January 5, 2010
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by OuterSpaceCake April 15, 2010
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One of the most unique and beautiful creation that you will ever meet. Pine is a truefriend that is always there, loyal and loves to party. They can throw a decent punch too.
Like the tree they can been seen all over the world and have a strong desire to see it all.
Pine is also known to have an exceptionally tasty face.
"My best friend Pine is one of a kind"

"Pine face is so tasty"
by skiz85 November 9, 2012
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A type of wood that is relatively soft.
Yeah, I liked her, but we're not talking mahogany here. The most she would get out of it would be pine.
by iluvkamakazi April 24, 2009
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