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Else - pronounced Elsa

An amazing girl with an overall amazing personality. She is always happy to be with her friends and family and is everything you could possibly look for. She can close up when you try to speak openly with her, but if you play your cards right, you can normally end up with the whole story. An Else may be a hard friend to make, but she is incredibly rewarding to have. Perhaps a bit frustrated when things don't go her way, she needs a bit of guidance to get her onto the right path. She is an incredibly interesting person with a range of nationalities, the best friend ever if you learn how to keep her.
Have you met Else? She's amazing.
by Susan&Mike May 02, 2018
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something that has no way of being described, but by using the word "else".

"Did you see Megan's new haircut? That shit is else!"

"Tricia's apartment is so damn filthy it's beyond else!"
by britty9 January 20, 2008
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a realy realy nice person hu is quite weird sometimes!!!BUT SO IS TINKY!!!
she is a girl hu is a friend
by Tinky April 20, 2003
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