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A hallucinogenic mushroom
shrooms, And a kik ass incubus song
by Brady January 20, 2004

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The canadian phrase for beanie
You got your tuke for snowboarding?
by Brady January 15, 2004

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abbr. for For Sure / Fo Sho
I bang this hot chick last night
by brady June 10, 2003

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A female who is real good in bed
Steph is a real rockah in the sheets.
by Brady March 08, 2003

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The lowest form of class consciousness, a reversion to stereotype and parody. Their tribal mentality is uniformed not only in clothes but codes; hugely patriarchal,machismic,anti-intellectual and resentful of any aspirations towards cultural divergence. Essentially tragic groups who must retreat into expected social roles and interests in order to belong, perhaps belong. They have internalized middle class prejudices and expectactions and inverted these features to appear as an offensive action rather than a defensive one. Feelings of inadequacy are converted into hostility for every aspect of "respectable" living and all its related paraphernalia. They are best understood as Thatcher's bastards.
The majority of guests on Trisha.
by Brady March 05, 2004

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one of the most popular characters in soap opera history. Played by Anthony Geary since 1978, Luke Spencer is the most intriguing, adventurous, and sexiest character on General Hospital.
Luke Spencer, a former gangster, was once Mayor of Port Charles, New York!
by Brady November 03, 2004

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a harlot
dan is a nuug
by brady December 12, 2003

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