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The greatest insult of all time. Most commonly used with a negative tone of voice but can sometimes be perceived as a compliment. Pronounced in a a very low, deep rumbling tone of voice and can be drawn out for as long as the user may feel is necessary.

Also the name of a dance move called "the Tuke" in which one spreads his/her arms out wide while rolling the wrists and simultaneously crossing his/her legs over one another at the ankles.
"You're a Tuke!"
"Son do me a favor hit the Tuke one more time"
by SlappyCrew December 31, 2015
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An acronym for The Ugliest Kid Ever coined in Arlington, Ma and used quite frequently.


T- The


K- Kid

E- ever.
Ex. 1: Woah! You hooked up with her? That biddy is Tuke!

Ex. 2: That tuke biddy over there keeps givin me the eye, let's dip before she jumps on my dick.
by Dr. PillowPants August 05, 2010
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n.- the ugliest kid ever
adj.- extremely ugly
That girl is tuke!
that is the tukest kid i have ever seen.
by Rach January 21, 2005
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The act of quickly shooting a large hard shit out of your ass.
Jared did a tuke during our camping trip and when he did it we thought it was a tree falling down.
by goldISgood March 18, 2010
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a horrible person who abuses any power given to them generally identified as a nazi
that guy is such a tuke, what a nazi mod
by nintendoinabox June 06, 2018
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Someone who acts retarded with no mental excuse
If she thinks she can catch me, she's a fuckin tuke. No way am I going to marry that ho
by Aballofcorn March 24, 2014
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