a tiny ball of cuteness and energy and can put a smile on anyone's face even on her bad days. She's also EXTREMELY competitive so watch out.
Trisha- *Exists*
by Idroppedmycroissant February 11, 2019
A name means Thoughtful,Reliant, Intelligent Sweet, Happy and Adjustable person...
welp i need TRISHA she is my fav because she's Thoughtful, reliant, intelligent,sweet,happy and adjustable person😎😍
by your old November 25, 2018
Trisha is a very kind, funny, adorable and beautiful girl. She is very attractive to everyone and people love to be around her because she make’s everyones day. Trisha is usually very flirty and honest with beautiful eyes and medium length hair. Trisha is very tall. She is super cuddly and an amazing kisser. I love Trisha
“I can’t wait to see Trisha today! She’ll definitely make me feel better
“Trisha’s hugs make me feel like nothing else matters
“I’m so in love with Trisha!”
a girl who’s comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t care what people think about her. Loves making friends and talking to everyone and has a very forgiving heart but once she’s over, she’s over.Once she’s your friend she’ll be very loyal Loves food and never stops talking about food.
Yo Trisha’s mad at me
Don’t worry she forgives people easily
by baldassmf September 6, 2019
Trisha is a wonderful sweet girl. She always makes people laugh no matter what! She is a very optimistic and futuristic thinker. She also is a very kind, but not very patient! But, listening to all this you will think she is a perfect child... But when you mess with her bad side, she gives it all back to you. Overall, she also gets everything she wants without making others feel sad.
" Trisha, can we go to the concert?"
" Don't we have to buy tickets?"
" Yeah,"
" Ughh I don't want to wait."
" Awwwww"
" How about we watch your favourite movie here. we can switch off the lights and close the curtains..."
" What an amazing idea!
by Doglover111 November 23, 2018
A sexxy girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Smart, pretty and down to earth. Can make you laugh.
Today is so boring, I better call Trisha to make it better.
by some person yes April 10, 2013