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A girl who doesn't just lie there like a sack of potatoes expecting you to do everything and who doesn't nearly rip the end of your dick off when she gives you a hand job
Wow my dick's still intact and I actually had a good time, she was a good fuck
by Bob December 11, 2003

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the best city in the united states if not the world, you can spend your entire life in nyc and be more cultured than someone who travelled the entire united states.
anyone born here or even who's been here knos that nothing else compares. anywhere else in ny is not even close to being as good as nyc
Westchester is a fucking shit hole and NYC is amazing.
by bob February 09, 2005

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Gubmint - The Government
"On Wenzdee, ah gits mah free gubmint cheez."
by Bob May 22, 2004

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to instruct someone to leave or go away
You, mate can go GET FUCKED
by bob March 24, 2005

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doing doggie style sex and right before you reaching orgasm you sock the girl in the back of the head so her asshole tightens on ur dick.

wow Example:
by bob December 10, 2003

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a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive
by Bob December 17, 2002

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A common misspelling of the name of the band Green Day.
It's "Green Day," not "Greenday."
by Bob February 26, 2005

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