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owwww, daaaaaaaaamn woman!
*gets hit in the nose* sheeee-it!
by Bob January 17, 2003
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One really kewl dude, that can do everything absolutley perfectly, (except spell)
Thats all there is to say really. a SheEP-HeAD is just to perfect!
by Bob July 14, 2003
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a man who hang around fields pimpin sheep takin 60% percent of the profets
by Bob September 04, 2004
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means cowards.

Originated from the book Eragon and is a part of the Dwarf language.
<person 1 walks away>
Person 2 yells: "Sheilven!"
by Bob May 03, 2005
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The coolest guy ever......
The asian version of the fonz.
Woh, that cool guy over there is such a sherjeel.
by Bob October 12, 2004
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Shervin - AKA an Arrogant, Procrastinating, Annoying, Over-opinionated TWAT
"Man your such a Shervin"
by Bob January 31, 2005
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someone being of exemplary intelligence as well as an unusual sexual power over women. Men being born unto this name are a sublime species.
That guy has everything that I wish I had, he must be a shimer.
by Bob April 19, 2005
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