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Legend, Cool guy, Pimp...
Woah that guy looks hectic, he must be a Lloyd
by Bjorn December 07, 2003

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Peace loving planet in the inner rim of the Starwars galaxy, destroyed by General Gran Moff Tarkin during the rebellion. Now nothing more than a dust cloud.
"We will destroy the planet Alderaan"
- Gran Moff Tarkin
by Bjorn April 16, 2004

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one who enjoys looking at goatse
Man, you're such a faggoat
by BJORN October 05, 2004

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when you give a girl such a severe humping her knees buckle and her leg bones crack from sheer orgasmic vibration
what did you last night tina?
i got parsonsed by sean, thats why my legs are in a cast and a blood vessel popped in my eye SAAAAAWWWWEEEET
by bjorn June 21, 2005

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its greek, and its the act of wrestling naked little boys that had been used as currency, and after gaining their trust you sodomize them beyond belief sans lube
I need to gain little niko's trust before I wrestle and patouhas him till his nose bleeds
by bjorn April 24, 2005

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The physical impairment in which one is unable to smell, similar to deaf or numb.
After the brain damage Barry was splok
by Bjorn January 27, 2005

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A fanatical, usually rabid fan of Sony's Playstation 2 video game console. PSTools like the PS2 so much because they like generic, boring, pointless violence and/or shitty sports games.
Dan is such a PSTool, all he does is play his PS2 all day.
by BJORN November 14, 2004

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