What many people like me spend their days on. They're quite played out now, but 100% of people who have the love them.
PS2 is short for Playstation 2.
Wolfy: "I'm pissed off, so let's all go on the Playstation 2 where I can drive out all this pissedness talking to it."
by Wolfy. W July 5, 2006
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PS2 is Da Shit of 6th Generation Gaming,
it had most of the good games sold roughly 111.15 million to date and has had a long successful lifespan
and Completely Pwned Xbox wich was Microsoft's obvious attempt to try and overtake yet another market
When it was launched the Playstation 2. was just a glorified DVD player costing around 400$ US Approx
but today has become the cheapest and best game systems you can pickup lots of great games too!

"only thing that sucked about PS2 was the fact the hype killed dreamcast....Fuck"
by TwinsanityNtranced May 20, 2007
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the most overrated and unoriginal gaming console ever made.
Idiot: Dude, Nintendo is for kids, man. I'm gonna go play my playstation 2.

Me: Okay, I'm enjoying Super Smash Bros.
by Church_Of_Nintendo March 14, 2007
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A gaming console manufactured by Sony. It has the most marketshare and in general has the most games avalable that will appeal to the widest audience.

The alternatives to the PS2 offer more specialized games. For example, the wordGamecube/word has excillent first party support and has some of the most outstanding average of games and graphics on the market, and a ton of shitty ports of other games. The wordXbox/word on the other hand is for people who prefer graphics over any actual gameplay.
I just got Amplitude for PS2! Damn that game rocks!
by AlexMax March 12, 2003
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Second iteration of an award winning console which astounded the gaming industry by stealing a huge percentage of the Console Market share, contributing to Sega's departure from the hardware business. Playstation 2 was the first of the second generation consoles, touting unheard of graphical performance and DVD-readability when it debuted in 1999.
I would totally buy a Playstation two if it could play the Legend of Zelda.
by sarukun March 9, 2003
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Sony (after seeing the Wii popular to the ENTIRE family) has tried to extend their fanbase to those people (females, gays, and metrosexuals) who AREN'T nerds who never leave the house that fall in love with final fantasy characters.
This is the final act of desperation from Sony; They know they can't win defeat Wii. Wii owns all.
Girl: Oh my gawd!! A playstation 2 pink!!! I am soooooo getting that just coz of its colour, despite the blatantly sexist attitude Sony has towards women.
by morbidgolem November 9, 2007
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Playstation 2 (PS2) is the reason why so many guys are dumped by their girlfriends/wives and become single.

But mixed with a lethal dose of MADDEN is can become addictive and even deadly.
GF: Honey you haven't worked in days! We don't have any grocerys. I think Tommy has Rickets, please put down the Playstation 2 (PS2)..

BF: Hold on a sec, honey for a record second time The Bucs will win the Super BOWL!!!
by christopher ess October 15, 2005
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