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Slang term for black people (chocolate faces like the white equvalent pasty faces) or a black person (chocolate face like the white equvalent pasty face.) Not to be viewed as a racist term, as it simply describes the person by describing the face; just as the word black would be used in formal english.
Used frequentely in the Ali G Show by the characther Borat to describe black people.

Borat; what is the name of the man with the chocolate face who plays the cop in the films.
Cop; Eddie Murphy.
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Another name for a nigger, coon, spook, jungle bunny, mooncricket, uncle tom, a blacky, or a jigaboo
the man with the chocolate face has been near since my moneys gone
by NIGELHATENME March 23, 2005
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Usually a man, but sometimes a woman, with a large, fat head, an exaggerated chin, small eyes, shorter hair, and extra large cheeks. They often have bags under their eyes. The chocolate faced are usually white and very American. They are often found on obese people, yet skinny or average people can also carry the "chocolate genes," and have a chocolate face as well.

The word "chocolate" is referring to the fact that these people look like they belong in a Willy-Wonka factory and/or lifestyle. They resemble the personification of a chocolate bar; if perhaps this person ate so much fudge, it is leaking through their every pore.
a) John Goodman.
b) "Did you see that guy over there?" "Yeah, he is so chocolatey!" "He has a wicked chocolate face!!"
c) "I went to the all you can eat buffet today, and there was a guy with a chocolate face in the next booth."
d) John Candy.
e) John Goodman.
f) Meatloaf. The singer.
by MKJH March 11, 2012
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