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A portmanteau word - (noun) a sexy text
Baby, I wish I could be with you tonight. Could you make me happy before I sleep and sext me?
by Benncm July 08, 2011

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An atheist's version of OMFG - Oh My Fucking Science.

Since God has been in continuous decline and not trending well at all, popular phrases involving him are being revised to fit today's modern, secular world.
Richard Dawkins just Chuck Norris'd the Pope. OMFS!!!

OMFS!!! I can't believe he's botoxing his ballbag!

OMFS! I heard Mr Fisher cloned his wife so he can fuck her every night like he did when they first met.
by Benncm May 16, 2010

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Shortened version of augmented heads-up display, pertaining to augmented reality through the use of technology i.e. smartphones, google glass etc
Can I use my aughud in this place?

Only google glass I think
by BenNCM September 08, 2012

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Scouse way of saying "It's just one of those things that you have to accept in life"
"Arrrr mate, do us last tokes on that spliff dere"

"Fuck off yer knobhead!"

No need!!! Why yer being a stinge?

One of them innit!
by Benncm January 12, 2011

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The pitiful attempt to cover up a person's lack of skill or inability to perform by blaming the outcome on a bruised finger or toe e.g. a swollen pinky

A reference to heavyweight boxer, David Haye, and his loss to Vladimir Klitschko.
Before the fight: "I'm gonna rip his head off and eat his brains!"

After the fight: "My little toe wasn't on my side for this fight. We were supposed to be a team. I've been let down by it and will be raising the issue with management in due course"

Are you doing a Haye? You have no shame!
by Benncm July 10, 2011

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Transmortal - a person who has succeeded in existing beyond their body's expiry date usually by the use of technological means.

- a transcendent mortal
You and all your other transmortal losers can go to hell if you think if you think you're spending the weekend on my hard drive! Get outside and get some sunshine.
by Benncm December 21, 2010

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noun - A solution
When George finally got to the safe, he got to work on the lock. But I looked at his face after 3 minutes of fingering the combination and could tell he didn't have the recipe.
by Benncm April 24, 2011

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