Ear Rape is a term used to define distorted or very loud sound clips or songs that pop out on youtube or flash videos, generally screamers, youtube poops or montage parodies, even it is generally being included as jumpscare on screamers, it can be also intended to be annoying or ear damaging.
Me (on YouTube): OK! Time to watch my daily amount of Ear Rape!

10 minutes later...
Me: Welp, fuck! my ears are bleeding!
by LemonSucker99 March 6, 2017
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In verbal electronic communication (ventrillo, skype, teamspeak, etc), when a person speaks/plays a sound, usually to annoy/antagonise the other listener(s), at such a high volume and/or pitch that can damage the listener(s) hearing/speakers.
I was on my game's vent server and this raider kept comming and and giving us ear rape! I threw my headphones down in a panic and they broke!
by Bigmacattacks July 24, 2006
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When you have music so loud and terrible that its power takes form in the shape of a penis, said penis then shoves its self rapidly and abrasively into your ear holes making you feel the urge to make it stop, make everything stop.
by Guywholikespizza May 25, 2017
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Ear rape can be classified as an ear piercing noise, like bass boosted music or altered sound effects. Ear rape sometimes is underwhelming, were other times you will die from the noise.
I like to annoy my sister with some Fortnite ear rape.
by FortnutLover6699 December 19, 2018
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When you hear someone who is so annoying that the sound of their voice hurts worse than being penetrated in the ear.

Jordan: "Wow that Rosa chick just ear raped me."

Steve: "Yea... me too"
by JT Super Bad January 25, 2007
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To be unintentionally involved in a one way conversation without being able to interject words and/or emotion.

The person being "ear raped" will have an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and time loss when able to escape the "ear rapist".
My brain is still tired from being ear raped for over an hour by Caidy last night.
by UrbanTingle January 27, 2017
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