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Cold, hard, cruel; lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling.
Person 1: "What is wrong with you people?"

Person 2: "For starters, we're soulless."

Person 1: "Ohhh, okay."
by holymotherofknockoutroses April 28, 2013
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Someone who lacks a soul. Feels nothing. Dead on the inside. Usually ( synonymous) with the word (Sociopath) or (heartless) as well as the name (Jamie) or Jeffery(ies). Soul-less (douchebags) lack empathy and would kill a unicorn with a smile on their face if it put them one step ahead of anyone else. Automatic doors will not open for the (soul-less), which usually leads to a good laugh for everyone else around. There's just one rule if you ever encounter the (lowest of low).....Do not feed it! And it will eventually fly back to whichever level of (hell) from which its (soul-less) self came.
I saw (Bambam) walk right into an automatic door today... He must be Soul-less!
by -PebbleS- April 16, 2018
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Commonly referred to as a ginger, or any one else no one cares about. Ginger hair, freckles, and a douchey personality is common.
"Hey look at that soulless over there. Yeah that kid is a fucking douche!"
by J Rey May 12, 2010
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A term often used in the criticism of music, films, television, games, etc, meaning lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling. It's often used in a context wherein the user does not like the item in question but otherwise lacks any more specific or valid criticism to level against it. It's also sometimes used to dismiss entire genres that the user is unfamiliar with or bigoted against.
"Electronic music is so soulless."

"Here we go again, another soulless rehash of ______."
by Phlegatu May 24, 2005
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One who pwned you.
A name for a man renowned for him ability to stab anything that moves including shark and DMC has a great amount for a group known as +.
Onecell: OMFGZ's soulless just knifed me from like 15M away
OS: I love little boys
by +<3tehcawk November 27, 2004
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β€œNintendo games have felt soulless after Mr. Iwata passed away, I wonder why?”
via giphy
by Mariosion April 16, 2021
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